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Battle Tested Day 2

Verses: 1 John 2:16 Luke 22:31-32 Mark 14:27-31 Matthew 16:21-23 Job 1: 6-12 Job 19: 17 Job 32: 1-2 Job 33:8-9 Luke 18: 10-12 Job 38: 1-35 1 Kings 22: 7-34 1 Kings 21:5 Proverbs 16:18   Three ways pride reveals itself in our lives: When we trust in our own strength When we trust… Continue reading Battle Tested Day 2

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Seek First the Kingdom (of God)

Think: What is your purpose? What is your priority?       Your idea of your purpose and priority changes and influences your agenda, thinking, behavior, and speaking.   Just remember: Spiritual, physical, emotional, and relational sickness, pain or darkness is NOT in the kingdom of God Jesus expressed God’s reign by removing these elements.… Continue reading Seek First the Kingdom (of God)