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How to make yarn art

Don't mind the extra holes on the wall- it took some tries, but I made it work 😉 Supplies needed: A "soft"/puncturable wall, or canvas (I didn't try it, can't guarantee it will work) Yarn, any color (I used white) Push pins   Directions: Make design of a cross with the push pins. You might… Continue reading How to make yarn art


Easy encouraging word paintings!

This is surprisingly easy to do, and it looks great! Supplies needed: Watercolor Paintbrush  Chalk or paint, or wet paintbrush  Canvas (mine is 8x10, but any size with do), or hard-duty (thick) paper Paper towels for the workstation (things will get messy) Steps: Pick a color scheme for the background - warm/cool colors, different shades/tints… Continue reading Easy encouraging word paintings!