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Abundant life: together we go! 11/08/15

Your abundant life in Christ begins when your “religious” efforts end. How we fight: We make declarations/bold claims about God- In the face of circumstances, when the truth seems far away John 11:33-37 Shows healthy balance of compassion and bold faith Jesus was angry at death, foreshadowing the time when He would die and defeat… Continue reading Abundant life: together we go! 11/08/15

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Kingdom influence 10/25/15

“Stringless Gospel”- sharing the Gospel with no strings attached (sharing Christ’s love (through service, love, etc) with everyone that you meet See Josh’s story here “Expertise can give us an opportunity to influence, but character and reputation is what keeps us in a place of influence”  Example of story of David: who had expertise, character, and… Continue reading Kingdom influence 10/25/15