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Personal development 10/18/15

See Tasha's story here 

  • Know that God works through a process, and it might take a long time for you to know what He wants you to do. 
  • But when it starts giving fruit, you start realizing it is real, and so worth it!

John 17:1-7

God's work for us isn't like the earthly “work”- that when you hear it you start grumbling and want to hide- it is a heavenly work that benefits and fulfills everyone: God (expands His Kingdom and stops the influence of the devil), you (strengthens your faith by seeing it work in action), and others (might heal, teach, or encourage them)

There is way more that God wants you to do then just staying out of sin and being “good”. (Although believing Jesus is all you need to get into the kingdom.)

When you find your unique assignment, it doesn't mean that you have to spend decades/your whole life doing it- sometimes it's strategic callings, moments, and opportunities that you step into that make a difference.

What is our legacy for the future generations? What is the thing that God has called us to do to actually shape nations for the Kingdom of God?
John 6:53-70

  • Jesus’ most impactful legacy wasn't in all the crowds He met with, but it was with His 12 disciples.
  • Don't be distracted by everything and try to change the world- focus on God’s purpose and specific assignment for you.

God uses everything and wastes nothing- your skills, passions, etc

  • What will you do with the success that God brings you?

We are about building the Kingdom of God and advancing His plans and purposes.

  • Ephesians 2:10
  • He created us anew so that we can now do all the good works He planned for us long ago.

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