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Restoring and empowering personal health 10/12/15

Objective of churches for their members: 

  • Personal health
  • Personal development 
  • Kingdom influence 

As you experience and encounter God, it starts to impact all aspects of your life, including: spirituality; mental, relational, physical, emotional, and financial health. 
See Rebecca’s inspiring testimony  here 

  • Don’t be held in bondage because you’ve accepted the devil’s identity for you. (I guess I’ll always be this way…)
  • Trust God! He will lead you through it, and by the end, you’ll feel so much more freedom!
  • God doesn’t care about your size/weight, He cares about your health.

Luke 8:26-39

  • Our philosophy: whatever Jesus believed, we believe (ex: demons, the supernatural, our generation has been dismissive of it)
  • 3 actions of hope that Jesus did:
  1. Destroying works of Satan (through His ministry)
  2. Restoring people (issue of identity)
  3. Empower people
  • Satan” means the accuser. 
  • The devil is called “father of lies”- you become “impregnated” by his lies, give birth to it, and nurture and protect this “lie baby”. Soon, it becomes a part of your identity.
  • Christians can’t be demon-possessed (have the Holy Spirit), but can be attack by demons (just like Jesus was)
  • Jesus never condemns the demon-driven man, He only addresses the demons
  • 1 John 3:8
  • Legion”- refers to large body of soldiers (back in the day)
  • Demons ask Jesus (to go into the pigs)- shows Jesus is in absolute authority.

One way to address issue of personal health: 

  • provide connection opportunities (for encouragement)

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