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Bringing Kingdom culture to the whole world sermon 10/4/15


  • 80% of churches in the US have either plateaued or are declining
  • 16% are growing
  • 4% are multiplying (starting other congregations and churches) – of these 4%, only half are from planting churches, the other 2% are from church splits
  • 0% are movements (that impact culture and society) 
  • The real solution isn’t to make new churches, but through making disciples 

1 Sam 10:5-7

  • Saul: looks at the natural (big army, is intimidated)
  • David: sees natural and spiritual battle- knows he was equipped and prepared to win the battle (after spending time and developing a relationship with the God of the universe).

There are mountains of God throughout culture (who are influenced by the devil, sometimes)

7 mountains: 

  1. religion
  2. government
  3. education
  4. arts and entertainment
  5. media
  6. family
  7. business.
  • Sometimes the devil beats us to those mountains and starts dictating about the Kingdom of Darkness
  • We need to go into these mountains and influence them with the values, principles, and power of the Kingdom of God.

Old way to make disciples: call people to believe, expect them to behave, and then they can belong.

Jesus’ way: make people feel like they belong, then (over time) people will start behaving and copying Jesus, and then they start believing. 

  • Make people feel like they belong while around/with you (don’t judge, but compromise your beliefs, though). They will start to ask questions and inquire and believe in God. 

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