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Healing is God’s will sermon 9/14/15 part 1

  • God doesn’t fit in a “conventional box”- there’s lots of mystery and supernatural things happening that we can’t even image 
  • Church: place for research and development, a safe environment to experience and try out new things (in faith). A place of students learning together, not experts

We need to know that God heals, and we don’t have to have it all figured out. 

  • When someone gets prayed for and doesn’t get healed, know that it doesn’t mean that healing is “Christian lottery”; and that when we talk about this, it should be in humility, love, and compassion.

When we believe in Jesus, we get the “Salvation jacket”. It has everything you need to be saved- but as you grow closer to God, He says: “check out the inner and outer pockets of your jacket”- you will find everything you need for life- things that were there but you didn’t realize it (Gifts of the Spirit) 

  • The process of Christian life: we get the “Salvation Jacket”, and the rest of our life is a process of figuring out what we just got.

Unsure if something is God’s will? Ask: “Is this in Heaven?” If isn’t, then it’s not God’s will
Seeing God’s will:

  1. Seeing God’s will in the Garden of Eden: 
  • God delegated His Kingdom, rule, and reign to Adam and Eve. 
  • Garden of Eden: full manifestation of God’s will for Humanity. 
  • God gave us free will and allowed us to make choices (Love is not forced, after all- we choose to love and follow God since He first loved us; it wouldn’t be love if He forced us to love and follow Him)
  • In Heaven, Satan made a choice to rebel against God, and chose to be the opposite of God’s will.
  • Humans were never meant to possess the knowledge of good and evil 
  • After the fall of man, humans have given their dominion to Satan, and are now yielded to his will.
  • Now everyone is born into sin, and there is death, sickness, etc
  • Just because it happened, doesn’t mean it was God’s will. He allowed it, because of His love for this world- that He allowed man to choose.
  • See part 2 for the rest

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