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Do what Jesus did sermon 9/20/15 

God does in fact heal, He uses us to do it

  • There is instantaneous healing (right away), but sometimes it takes multiple prayers and a long time for it to happen.
  • See this sermon here. It has really awesome testimonies of people who got healed!

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  • Funny FEDEX commercial  here

Ambassador: accredited diplomat sent by a country as its official representative to foreign country- speaks the language, lives under the rules/laws and brings the culture and customs from the country from which they are sent

  • We’re ambassadors of Heaven- sent by Christ

Healing is not a formula- it’s a heart position, a trust in the Holy Spirit to reveal and make these things real to us.

  • The disciples didn’t understand it, but they followed and copied Jesus
  • To heal: we need to be mentored, but should try it out (trial and error)


  • Healing is available to us
  • According to the identity that Christ has purchased for us, we have more power and authority than we realize.

Keys to see more breakthrough: 

  1. Authority: the freedom/right to act/exercise power 
  • Matt 28

     2. Power: ability
5 step prayer model: (for someone you know, not necessarily for complete strangers, can be used for healing,etc)

  1. Determine the problem and ask questions about it (use 1-10 pain scale)
  2. Put your heart and mind in the right place (don’t think about yourself, but about God and think about the perspective of Jesus, imagine Him by your side)
  3. Engage as the Holy Spirit leads you (when healing, most effective by ridding the pain, then addressing the underlying condition)
  4. Check on them (use 1-10 pain scale again- if needed, pray once more). Know that when praying for someone that they might not get healed, but they will certainly be blessed by God in some way.
  5. Give God praise (together) for a moment, give the person (spirit-led) instruction 

When healing: 

  • Sometimes, healing might occur after an odd request/action (led by Holy Spirit). Might seem weird, example: telling a blind person to see, a paralyzed person to walk, etc. Many examples of this are shown in the Bible
  • Matt 12:43- we need to be standing at the door, saying “no vacancy”.
  • If/when symptoms come back, you need to stand up and say: “No! I was healed! I rebuke the devil, in Jesus’ name!” 
  • You can’t lose your healing, but the devil tries to bring something else back on you- several times. Don’t let the devil steal your “property” (healing). Stand up and don’t let him take what God gave you!
  • Sometimes, the symptoms go away instantly. Other times, it may take a long time praying.
  • There’s nothing wrong with taking medicine- we’re all fighting the same enemy!


  1. Read and study stories of Jesus healing in the Bible- learn from the Master
  2. Go for it! Use your authority, and go speak to that mountain!
  3. Invite and declare the Kingdom to come!

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