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  • Angel of the Lord-> God Himself (reference to Jesus)
  • Archangel-> ruler/chief/Prince of Angels (ex: Michael), Jude 1:9; 1 Tess. 4:16; Daniel 10:13
  • Anointed- appointed or commissioned 
  • Abide- live; waiting or resting state
  • Atonement- payment for wrongdoing (referred to as when Jesus was crucified)
  • Ambassador- accredited diplomat sent by a country as its official representative to a foreign country. Speaks origin’s language, follows its rules/laws, brings culture/customs. We’re ambassadors of Christ sent by HeavenAuthority- freedom and right to act/exercise power


  • Belief- spirit-led/Biblical systems of thought that support attitudes and behavior.
  • Biblical theology- what writers under divine guidance believed/described/taught in context of their own times 
  • Bible- single most book with biggest influence in all of human history; unfolding revelation of God (who He is)
  • Boundary- to keep in what you want in (your life) and keep out what you want out (of your life)


  • Cherubim (under God’s throne)-> Ezekiel 1:22; Genesis 3
  • Canon- rule of measure, collection of sacred books (genuine)
  • Church- place for research and development, a safe environment to try new things in faith, place for students to learn. 


  • Demons- lead you into the rule and perspective of Satan which works against the purposes and character of God (through thoughts, physical attacks, lies, etc)
  • Disciples- direct eyewitnesses that spread messages of Jesus and started churches
  • Dwelt- to strike a tent, a temporary shelter



  • Fear- it is a revelation of your (lack of) resources, statements of unbelief, etc. It leads to powerlessness, no self control, worry, shame, condemnation. ALWAYS SEEMS MORE WISER THAN FAITH, “REALISTIC”
  • Function- a thing to be done, a position/office. Only as good as the person doing it
  • Faith- believing in God and asking for supernatural resources 


  • Glory- God’s essence (indescribable, powerful, wonderful)
  • Gospels- good news
  • Grace- unmerited favor, blessing and goodness that you don’t deserve


  • Holy Spirit- leads you into the rule and perspective of God which advances God’s purpose and displays His glory (with love in His relationship)
  • Honor- highlights the best in others, shows that you value them. Listen, respect. Reflective listening


  • Intimacy- “into me you see”, you are allowing people to see what’s going on inside of you



  • Know: through experience, feeling


  • Love- is always ready (acts 3:1) -> requires something in your heart to be surrendered to the will and purpose of God (on any given day); doesn’t ignore -> Acts 3:2; always has something to give; always SPIRIT LED; is BOLD; proposes for Jesus (Acts 3:12-16) -> when we show God’s love, it creates an invitation for people to have a relationship with God.



  • New covenant- between God the Father and Jesus, we are in Christ 
  • New- younger or of a way better quality of excellence


  • Ordain- to make you something
  • Omnipresent- everywhere, all the time
  • Omnipotent- all powerful, doesn’t need to replenish it
  • Omniscient- knows EVERYTHING 


  • Praise and thanksgiving- utterances of the mouth (praise for who God is, and thanking Him for what He’s done)
  • Psalms- (book of) praise
  • Patriarch- father
  • Prophet- one speaks for God, His glory, nature, and demonstrates His power; work of the Holy Spirit. God must “activate” them
  • Partakers- to be totally unified to share the fullness of God’s divine nature
  • Powerful person- takes responsibility over own choices that you make, and are in charge of yourself; relies on the Holy Spirit
  • Powerless person- unwilling to take responsibility over your life and ultimately don’t have a choice
  • Power- the ability to do something 



  • Repent- means to change your mind
  • Repentance- is aligning your mindset in your heart with the view of Heaven, about what Jesus can do for you and what He can do in you. This is the heart of conversion, this is what it means to be transformed, this is what takes initially to be born again. It is also the process of sanctification and becoming made into the image of Jesus.
  • Renewed mind- Thoughts and attitudes like Christ, God’s way is desired and makes sense. (1 cor. 2:14-16; Romans 12:2)
  • Responsibility- ability to respond instead of react, clean up your messes, you have a plan.


  • Stronghold- system of thought; “fortified army base”; unchallenged non-biblical belief system that keeps you from faith/obedience in God (2 cor. 10:3-6)
  • Seraphim (over God’s throne)-> “burning ones”, have wings with eyes (Isaiah 6:2-4)
  • Systematic theology- “googling” the Bible, organizes scripture around certain topics
  • Subdue- to violently take over/force into submission
  • Scripture- tells us the nature and character of God
  • Secular- worldly
  • Sanctified- to make Holy and separated to Him 
  • Self control- controlling your inner self and life


  • Thrones/dominion/powers/rulers- types of (general) angles
  • Testament- (old/new) contract or covenant
  • Trinity- Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Always in agreement, always working together, have different roles 
  • Truth- revelation of what’s going on inside of you, being truthful about what’s going on inside of you/ what you’re feeling and why


  • Unbelief- rational systems of thought justifying beliefs, behavior, attitudes.


  • Vision: what you want out of something, the point of destination


  • Worship: attitude of body, physical response to God’s character, nature and holiness 




Greek/ Hebrew:

  • Dunamis- supernatural ability (beyond what a human can do) -> miracle power (Happens when Holy Spirit comes upon you)
  • “Malak” – (hebrew) -> angel
  • “Aggelos”- messenger

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